Jance Distillery

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Jance Distillery is a testament to innovative spirit crafting, particularly renowned for their unique Honey Spirit.

This signature creation underscores their dedication to blending traditional distilling methods with modern, sustainable practices. Their facility, equipped with advanced distillation and fermentation technology, allows them to produce spirits that meet rigorous standards of quality and taste. "Jance" not only merges the names of their founders but also their commitment to ethical production and community involvement.

They emphasise sustainability by sourcing local honey, which is vital to the distinctive flavour profile of their Honey Spirit and implementing eco-friendly practices like waste recycling and energy efficiency. Their Honey Spirit is not just a product but a representation of their values, celebrating the harmony between nature and craftsmanship. Discover the purity and essence of Jance Distillery’s Honey Spirit—a symbol of their dedication to excellence and environmental stewardship.